HA Neighbours

Horizontal Action in EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

HA Neighbours

Horizontal Action in EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

Horizontal Action “Neighbours” is one of the four Horizontal Actions in EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). The main purpose of Horizontal Action (HA) “Neighbours” is to bring stakeholders in the EU member states and neighbouring countries, especially the North Western territories of the Russian Federation as well as Norway, Belarus and Iceland together in a constructive, mutually advantageous manner.

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December 19, 2018 in Blog

Raising awareness of the EUSBSR in Norway

Written by Ann Irene Saeternes, Head of European Affairs, Eastern Norway County Network Norway is closely linked to Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and has taken active part in Baltic Sea…
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Media Monitoring

December 19, 2018

Expert article in Baltic Rim Economies 4/2018: EUSBSR Steering Groups for better inclusion

November 23, 2018

Open calls: apply for a project platform or an extension of your project

November 19, 2018

Seed funding for cooperation projects in the Baltic Sea region

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3 days ago
#EUSBSR Annual Forum: 📢Call for seminars! 📢

Contribute to the programme of the Annual Forum & submit a seminar proposal by the 15th of February.

Find more information and concept notes on our website: https://t.co/9y1IaJYmPg https://t.co/V28O6ChNCx
5 days ago
The Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in Finland @BelEmbassyFi Aleksei Samosuev gave a lecture at Turku School of Ecomics about the #Export and #Investment potential of the Republic of #Belarus. Interesting ideas and facts about the present and the #future ! https://t.co/3woYdRGVp4
2 weeks ago
Can you name all the #EUSBSR neighbours? 🙂 Do you know how they participate in the Strategy? One of our neighbours, Norway🇳🇴, is highlighted in the blog. @HANeighbours @BSSSC2018
1 month ago
"Practical cooperation projects are used to show the value added of #BSR cooperation and thus the EUSBSR for Norway". Read in our blog how to raise awareness of the #EUSBSR in #Norway🇳🇴 & why the Strategy is important for Norwegian actors, too! @BSSSC2018
1 month ago
Raise the voice of #youth and discuss #SustainableDevelopment, #CulturalIdentity, #politics & other topics with 100 others from all over the #BSR! Baltic Sea Youth Camp 2019 website is up and running - follow https://t.co/aPWJcKfu2W and on social media! #PSFsupports #EUSBSR https://t.co/mC9dcRYraw