Norway is more closely linked to the Baltic Sea region than one might think from just by looking at a map. Norway┬┤s close cooperation with EU and many Pan-Baltic organizations make it an integral part of Baltic Sea governance networks. Norway is however not an official member of the EUSBSR, but this is no reason why cooperation with Norway or any other non-EU country could not happen. The EUSBSR invites non-EU countries and their organizations to participate as observers in its governance networks and also as partners to the projects and processes instigated by the EUSBSR. Though the goals of the EUSBSR are set by the EU countries in the region, we can easily find shared interests between our non-EU neighbours.

HA Neighbours and the Eastern Norway County Network, which is a very active institution in creating added value for both Norwegian and EU countries through Baltic Sea cooperation, have begun a process of mapping Norwegian participation in all levels of EUSBSR governance and implementation and possibilities to increase Norwegian cooperation with EUSBSR actors. Assessing Norwegian participation in Flagships and Policy Area and Horizontal Action Steering Groups is currently on-going and it has already produced incentives for more cooperation.

Read more about the process here.

Photo credit: Mission of Norway to the EU