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Sustainable Working Life in the Baltic Sea Region

June 13, 2019 @ 13:15 - 14:45

Baltic Sea Labour Forum organizes a seminar in Cooperation with PA Education and HA Neighbours in the 2019 EUSBSR Annual Forum on “Sustainable Working Life in the Baltic Sea Region”, focusing on demographic change, labour market and future work.

The seminar aims to provide the holistic cross sectoral overview of the current challenges in the labour market. In upcoming decades, the countries in BSR will face considerable challenges with regard to ageing population as well as the new requirements of the labour market on skills and qualifications. It will concern the need for better synergies between educational systems and labour markets’ demands, respond to ageing workforces and pressures on pension systems. Since the ageing population will have strong impacts both on economic growth, social cohesion (between social groups) and social sustainability (between generations) within the region it is essential to learn more about how effectively use the resources at hand by fostering active and healthy ageing and increasing the labour force participation of older people.

It is of common interest that labour mobility improves – benefiting not only employees and employers but also national economies, some of which unfortunately have been negatively affected by “brain drain”, which should be handled on a smart way to be transformed to the “brain circulation” instead – a phenomenon describing the movement of skill and talent that is advantageous to all parties.