New document “Report from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on the implementation of EU macro-regional strategies” highlights the recent development, progress and challenges of the four EU macro-regional strategies.

A more detailed analysis of the each macro-regional strategy can be found in an accompanying report Staff Working Document. The document points out the positive progress and concrete results through projects that the EUSBSR brings to the Baltic Sea region.

In this document, there are also some remarks about the work of HA Neighbours and Russia’s involvement in the EUSBSR cooperation. HA Neighbours plays an important role in the EUSBSR in making good contacts with Russia, and contact building and dialogue have resulted in positive environment that has potential to lead to more concrete cooperation.

One step forward is also the signing of a financing agreement (in early 2018) between the EU and Russia concerning the participation of the latter in the Interreg Baltic Sea Region transnational programme. Now, Russian partners can be participate as full partners instead of just associated partners. This enables a more advanced cooperation and is a significant achievement of the EUSBSR. According to the document, it also shows that cross-border/transnational cooperation is possible even in challenging times if the preconditions, such as funding system, are working.

As the EUSBSR Action Plan is going through an update during 2019, HA Neighbours will keep addressing the importance of the cooperation between EU and non-EU countries around the Baltic Sea Region, and its fostering in the future, too.