HA Neighbours participated in European Cooperation Day 2019  in St. Petersburg on the 25th of September. The topic of the event this year was  “Nature as our common treasure” and it was organized in cooperation with Interreg Baltic Sea Region, South-East Finland – Russia, Estonia – Russia and Latvia – Russia programmes. The four funding programmes work together to raise the important issue of protecting our environment but also how important it is for the results to do it jointly between Russia and EU.

The programme showcased many results already achieved in the projects funded by the programmes but also brought together a group of students to brainstorm future cooperation ideas which where presented to a wide group of experts and officials from both Russia and the EU. Youth involvement in policy processes is an important priority for both EU and Russia and it is more and more visible in the EUSBSR as well (for example in the Youth Camp organized back-to-back with the EUSBSR Annual Forum 2019).

Events such as this make great places for generating new ideas how to implement both the EUSBSR and its Russian counterpart the Strategy for Socio-economic Development for North-West Russia. By inviting a wide range of experts and officials plus the students, the organizers managed to create a very positive and forward looking atmosphere and offer fertile soil for new partnerships to be formed!

Have a good cooperation idea between Russia and EU-countries but aren´t quite sure how to proceed with it? Don´t hesitate to contact us in HA Neighbours!